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All music junkies will confirm it – when those nightly adventures beckon, the strobe lights tempt you and the ever-pounding beat of electronic dance music lures you in, there’s nothing you can do but to dedicate yourself to music. And so, that’s what Spanish DJ/producer Dani Sinergia did. To great success. With gigs all across Europe, releases on Baroque, Monique Music, Frequenza and many more, this music prodigy is making sure his name is heard worldwide. About time you got to know him.
Dani had his premier love at first sight at the age of 14. While cleaning the dance floor of the local discotheque in Avila, owned by the father of one of his best friends, he discovered the world of electronic dance music. After he finished the job, Dani and his friend were allowed to play music and use the turntables present there. A unique chance at learning the ropes of the DJ trade, right at the epicenter of his new found fascination. And boom, the seed to an everlasting love for music was planted.
Later on, as he started to explore the club scene in Madrid, he saw the chance to play venues like Dakar, Roda, Point and Knife, gradually defining his DJ sound and getting to know all the techniques needed to enrapture a crowd. In the meantime, he invested in creating his own productions, developing a clean sound that is comfortably stuck between techno, house and deep-house. With organic touches, powerful rhythms and strong, original leads, Dani knows exactly how to transmit his personality.
Dani Sinergia DJ
In 2005, he added event organizer to his list of titles, teaming up with DJ Ricxal to create ‘Urban Rave’. An ambitious project with highly successful club events all across Madrid. Urban Rave quickly becomes the talk of town, and within the next three years also takes over clubs in Avila, Toledo and Segovia. In the meantime, Dani clocks up gigs in Amsterdam, London and Rome. 2008 can be seen as Dani’s break-through year, and a busy time at that. Playing massive events and club happenings in venues like Fabrik, La Riviera, Aixa Galiana, Specka, Republik, Taboo, Trilogy, Puzzle and many more, Sinergia is a name that no longer needs introduction.
Outside the DJ booth, and locked in his studio, is where Dani’s capabilities shine as well. In 2009, he teams up with Daniel Soliva and starts a course a Moebius Music, which adds the final touch to his studio talents. His sounds, from the groovy ‘Lost Wave’ to the mysterious ‘Alma De Duduk’, as well as ‘The Life Spoken’, ‘Malala’ and ‘Killer’, are picked up by names like Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Richie Hawtin, Hernan Catanneo, Luciano, Luigi Madonna, Judge Jules and many more. Releases on Baroque, Monique Musique, Ying Yang, Malicious Smile, Vapour Trail, Moonshake and more, make Dani Sinergia a household name for those who seek an outstanding taste-maker from anything deep to everything groovy.
Continuing to perfect his sounds, ever trying to create a unique style and producing for some of the world’s most outstanding record labels, while rocking crowds at superclubs all around the globe, Dani Sinergia is a go-getter in every single way. So keep an eye – and ear – out for this guy.

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